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Verified Emissions Reductions Portfolio - Our offset Portfolio includes hundreds of millions of tones

Blue Source has created the largest ghg Verified Emissions Reductions (VER) portfolio in North America, and to date, sources offsets in 48 states and Canada from over 20 different project types through 2019. We are among the largest sellers of ghg offsets in North America and have placed more than 40 million tonnes of offsets on public registries such as the Environmental Resource Trust (www.ert.net). 

The size and diversity of our inventory of VERs creates unique portfolio opportunities for both sellers and buyers of offsets, financial and commodities trading companies and owners of facilities with significant greenhouse gas emissions. Some of these portfolio opportunities include:

  • delivering cost-effective carbon neutral products and services to distributors requiring climate change-sensitive goods;
  • hedging the regulatory risk that certain offset types will not be approved by cap and trade programs or will be omitted or devalued by them;
  • managing the risk that a third party will not physically deliver an offset;
  • addressing the carbon risk on the development of a coal-based power generation plant with pre-compliance offsets;
  • complimenting energy commodity sales/purchases with the associated offsets for a retail or industrial structured transaction;
  • securing a one-stop shop for large, diverse sources of offsets from various vintages, at various prices, under various firm and option-based deliveries.

Our portfolio opportunities match the quality and quantity characteristics of our supply and the financial and transactional depth of our management team with the offset buyers’ or service providers’ appetite for risk and reward. Inherent in this opportunity is the ability of the supplier of offsets in our inventory to secure a major portion of this value through participation in the aggregation process.

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